Welcome to a dynamic day experience between The Hive Wellbeing and Studio Society in East London. Encompassing eating well, moving well, thinking well and being well - with simplicity at the core and education throughout.



Provide a practical education on preservation of your being through holistic wellness. 



Studio Society is located within the popular Vyner Street artist quarter in the heart of East London. It was originally built as part of a fabric factory in the 60’s, and has now been transformed into a beautiful photographic studio and event space. With high ceilings, large skylight, polished concrete floor, white brickwork and its mid-century modern danish furnishings, this self-contained space has a charming intimate ambiance and a perfect setting for the Wellness Day. 

The Hive of Vyner St’s 1000 square feet space is home to people who want to create, gather and consider possibilities of the world. The positive atmosphere promotes relaxation, comfort and genuine consideration of your presence in our café. We offer a dining experience designed to enhance your lifestyle. Focusing on simple organic food combinations to provide surprising flavours, textures and in turn – vitality. Our cold pressed juice detoxifies, our food nourishes, our coffee ignites the senses and our natural Italian wines warm the soul.

The Hive of Vyner St has recently hosted a number of events including sold out Bee Kind & Dine bee friendly dinner, Nebbiolo Wine Tasting with Passione Vino and Buzzing @ The Hive vinyl, food and wine evening. The space lends itself to a range of gatherings - namely ones with wellbeing at the core. This will be where our breakfast tasting, shared lunch and evening wine will take place.


  • Organic breakfast tasting at The Hive Wellbeing
  • A talk with the amazing James Wallman on experientialism 
  • Movement class with Caroline Dean
  • Skin health talk with Rochelle of The Hive Skincare
  • Mindful lunch with The Hive Wellbeing's chef Yuma
  • A talk with the amazing James Wallman on experientialism 
  • A creative workshop with Elizabeth Cackett
  • Visualisation/meditation
  • Organic wine and talk with Marco Tassone at