After opening G&T, our organic coffee shop in Bethnal Greenwe became evermore focused on the quality of the food we ate. It was apparent to us that healthy living didn’t mean giving up on the many pleasures in life. We wanted to show our customers you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle that tastes delicious! We wanted to share this philosophy through our plant-based food creations.

Using the organic produce we sold at G&T, we trialled our first cold pressed juice range in December 2013. With passion and encouragement the Hive began to emerge.

We created the Hive to envelope life’s healthy pleasures. Using 100% organic produce we make cold pressed juices designed to cleanse your body and rejuvenate your senses. They can also be delivered to your door through our juice cleanse plans. From the success of our cleanses has come the birth of our health cafe and restaurant. Serving organic dishes encapsulating flavours of the earth, coffee with rich seasonal espresso beans and natural italian wine.

We believe that everything we eat and drink should not only taste great but also improve our wellbeing. The key to this is through the quality of produce we use. 

It’s our mission to give East London a paradise of healthy living through the products we create at the Hive. So come and try them for yourselves, nutrients have never tasted so good.


Marco Tassone and Ilaria Giovannini

Co-founders of the Hive


Find out more about the process we use to create our unique cold press juices.